Change Log

These are the changes made to the source codes of THIRRA:

Version 0.9.15 Build 248
- Upgraded database schema for future development and full release.
- Added Dry Run option to debug Clinical Consultation.
- Added Procedure Orders to consultation.
- Added Past Procedures to Patient Overview Sheet.
- Added Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (SOAP) notes to Progress Sheet.
- Added Provisional to diagnosis type.
- Upgraded MPDF to version 5.4
- Note - Change $protection = 4294963392; to 192 in mpdf.php for Evince backwards compatibility.
- Refactored memr_rdb.php model file.
- Refactored some controller files to load write models only when necessary.
- Update Consultation Details Report to include procedure orders and SOAP.
- Bug fix for List Family Cluster.
- Bug fix of report template for Immunisations Done.
- Bug fix for Lab Order in consultation.

Version 0.9.14 Build 246-247
- Added Search ICD-10 and Search Generic Name to Progress Sheet.
- Added Save to database, to Progress Sheet.

Version 0.9.14 Build 245
- Moved complaints code in pull down to the right, in Complaints form.
- Added search diagnosis box in Progress Sheet

Version 0.9.14 Build 244
- Add list of consultants to edit queue form filtered to current clinic only.
- Added flag to staff categories to allow/disallow clinical consulting.
- Added list of staff to Add/edit clinic form.
- Restricted available staff to respective clinics for Add/edit Referral Person form.
- Allow clinic to dispense medicine. However, no inventory control is implemented. Dispensable drugs are in DRUG_PRODUCT.
- Made drugs catalogue to filter by clinic.

Version 0.9.14 Build 242-243
- Change Access Control List structure into more granular sections. Added CRUD rights for each section.
- ACL is determined at Staff Category level and not per user level.
- Added infrastructure for modular widgets, panels and menus.
- Installing new modules entails copy directories, and updating the ACL records.
- Added Set Appointments in Overview Section. Can only edit current clinic's appointments.
- Added list of existing appointments to Add/Edit Queue form.
- Users can only access clinics that they are authorised for, whether one or more.

Version 0.9.13 Build 241
- Installed Modular Extensions to make THIRRA use HMVC, in order to make the application modular.
- Added Posts birth date to new registration for new births
- Added Refer post partum problems to physician warning in progress sheet
- Bug Fix. Age is estimated was not saved
- Bug Fix. Immunisation exports shows immunisation date incorrectly

Version 0.9.12 Build 239
- Bug fix. Incorrect portrait thumbnail was displayed in adding to patient queue.

Version 0.9.12 Build 238
- Bug fix. Patient_id for estimated birth dates incorrectly created.

Version 0.9.12 Build 237
- Bug fix. Patient_id not correctly created in some cases.
- Bug fix. Isset notice for lab package form captured.

Version 0.9.12 Build 236
- Bug fix. Added dummy antenatal_helper.php to new version of CI.

Version 0.9.12 Build 235
- Upgraded framework to CodeIgniter version 2.1.0
- Added consultant's name to referral e-mail notice.

Version 0.9.12 Build 234
- Fine tuned Referral Letters and Referral Out form.
- Added option to print Referral Letters for different countries, e.g. Philippines.
- Moved Print Referral Letter method out of ehr_consult.php into ehr_individual_refer.php controller.
- Added Minor to list of relationships.
- Updated Tagalog language file.

Version 0.9.12 Build 233
- Added PDF output for Referral Letters.
- Fine tuned e-mail notification of Referral Letters.

Version 0.9.12 Build 232
- Added e-mail to Referral Centre using SMTP provided by Gmail. Not able to attach file to e-mail yet.
- Widen width of date input, wrongly set at 8 characters in various forms.

Version 0.9.12 Build 231
- Added Occupation field to Patient Demographic Info.
- Added AJAX box to update spouse details within Antenatal Info, if spouse is inside the database.
No form validation done.
- Added linkage to child for Antenatal Delivery.
- Disabled new referral information from dashboard since it is not ready for prime time.

Version 0.9.12 Build 230
- Added linkage to spouse's Patient Record, inside Antenatal Info.
- Refactored query for Patients List.
- Stabilising Remote Referral without changing existing schema.

Version 0.9.12 Build 229
- Regression bug fixes.
- Turned off Incoming Referrals on the Dashboard until the next version.

Version 0.9.12 Build 228
- Added Education Level, Next-of-kin, NHFA No. and PNS Patient No. to Patient Demographic Info.
- Ajaxified geographical addresses in Patient Demographic Info.
- Added Add New Vital Signs History reading.
- Fixed a render chart for vitals signs bug, that stopped it from displaying.
- Made Geographical Locations more user friendly by displaying subsets.
- Added Add/Edit States geographical locations.
- Made villages as the mandatory smallest unit. Hence creation of dummy villages were made easier.
- Referral System still WIP.

Version 0.9.12 Build 227
- Removed explanatory note in version.txt that caused regression to XML exports.
- Started work on sending referral info to remote servers using curl. No change to schema yet. WIP.
- Allowed patients's Head of Family to be swapped.
- Added list of family members to link child to Antenatal Delivery History.

Version 0.9.12 Build 226
- Rerrange THIRRA's block inside config.php
- Added adding referral replies inside individual patient records section.
- Added curl-1.2.0 from Codeigniter's Sparks library.

Version 0.9.12 Build 225
- Added headers to Medication History in Overview Sheet.
- Added HTML5's autocomplete attribute to password field of login page.
- Made EHR has higher precedent than Biosurveillance in mobile profile login page.

Version 0.9.12 Build 224
- Fixed incorrect banners for Antenatal History for mobile profile.
- Trimmed numeric inputs for Login Page, Search Patient, Edit Patients, Vital Signs forms.
- Updated Access Control for mobile profile's Dashboard.
- Activated full calendars for mobile profile.
- Added Appointments to Overview Sheet.
- Fixed null baby weight antenatal delivery bug and added 'Not applicable' to delivery type.
- Updated sidebar view includes in individual antenatal controller.
- Highlighted 'Urgent' priority in patient queue to red.
- Added morders_rdb.php and mantenatal_rdb models.
- Refactoring - Moved the following methods out of memr_rdb.php:

Version 0.9.12 Build 223
- Fixed incorrect CSS file loaded for List Modules in Patient records.
- Added links to block titles in Overview Sheet and Progress Sheet.
- Added A-Z links to patients list to mobile profile's Dashboard.

Version 0.9.12 Build 222
- Hid Antenatal blocks in Progress Sheet for underaged girls.
- Added z-index to ensure breadcrumbs are clickable.
- Spanned Past Consultations list in Overview Sheet to 2 columns.
- Added user_A_style.css to header files to customise format of display.
- Added pre-diagnostic observations to Overview Sheet and Clinical Report.

Version 0.9.12 Build 221
- Fine tuned headers and sections displayed.
- Rearanged some blocks in Overview Sheet.
- Rearranged sidebars for Broadband and Narrowband versions.
- Moved List of Past Consultations into table.

Version 0.9.12 Build 220
- Updated tables formatting for main window.
- Moved Add to Queue link in Patients List closer to name column.
- Added breadcrumbs helper to MY_url_helper. Still need to create 3rd level links.

Version 0.9.12 Build 218
- Tidied main window's banner area.
- Updated mobile profile's banners and sidebars.
- Forced charts to be narrow for mobile profile.
- Disabled link to Add Columns for new report headers.

Version 0.9.12 Build 217
- Added Charts to Vital Signs History, using jqPlot version 1.0.0b2.
- Plotting Temperature, Height, Weight and Blood Pressure.
- Height and width of charts are rendered based on data sets' characteristics.
- Still unable to export the charts to PDF file.
- Cleaned up units of measure of Vital Signs in Overview Sheet.

Version 0.9.12 Build 216
- Changed colours of boxes to white
- Added Pre-diagnostic Observations to Progress Sheet
- Updated some letterheads for printable hardcopies

Version 0.9.12 Build 215
- Updated jQuery UI to full version 1.8.16 and jQuery version 1.6.2, to enable AutoComplete
- Removed getElementById alias in edit_diagnoses form
- Added AutoComplete to search field for diagnosis form
- Reduced size of header elements
- Updated README.txt

Version 0.9.12 Build 213 and 214
- Tagged versions 0.9.10 and 0.9.11

Version 0.9.12 Build 212
- Committing new views left out in previous build

Version 0.9.12 Build 211
- Added lists of Medical and Medication History

Version 0.9.12 Build 210
- Changed title blocks to colours for Overview Sheet and Progress Sheet.
- Collapsed borders for prescribe immunisation.
- Tweaked GEM integration further.

Version 0.9.12 Build 209
- Added first name to incoming referrals block on dashboard.
- Hid Post Consultation Queue until further notice.
- Added alphabet links to patients list into dashboard.
- Cleaned up antenatal checkup page in antenatal history.
- Incorporating GEM usage into THIRRA, except for GEM reports. Still require GEM to build the modules.
- Updated side bar for initiate new consultation
- Changed date of past consultations in Overview Sheet to date ended.

Version 0.9.12 Build 208
- Altered unique constraint for drug packages to allow multiple clinics.
- Removed label attribute from option tags in various forms.
- Continued work on incorporating GEM into THIRRA.

Version 0.9.12 Build 207
- Updated import clinical episodes data to use revised prescribe_queue table.
- Removed sidebars from imports and exports pages.

Version 0.9.12 Build 206
- Updated export clinical episodes data to use revised prescribe_queue table.
- Removed post partum checkup from sidebar of consultation as it is now accessible from Antenatal Info.
- Added dose form for total quantity prescribed and dose duration to searchable prescription form.
- Added denormalised drug info into presrcipt_queue table when prescibing.

Version 0.9.12 Build 205
- Changed section links in main window from anchor element to td to ease clicking, by providing larger area to click.

Version 0.9.12 Build 204
- Started incorporating Generic Engine for Modules into THIRRA.
- Added About THIRRA in Utilities Section.
- Restructured database.php
- Allowed special characters for clinic_info

Version 0.9.12 Build 203
- Added chapters drop down list to Add Diagnosis Code form.
- Ajaxified Add New Drug Code.
- Removed side bar of more pages in main window.

Version 0.9.12 Build 202
- Removed side bar of main pages in main window.
- Fixed bug on side bar disabled in previous build.
- Ajaxified Add New Drug Formulary.

Version 0.9.12 Build 201
- Changes to database schema - tables related to drugs.
- Ajaxified Immunisation Prescription form.
- Improved Consultation Progress for display of prescriptions.
- Changed saving of prescriptions to use dcode_id.

Version 0.9.11 Build 200
- Removed drug formulary code from drop down list in prescription form.
- Added non-standard instructions field to prescription form.
- Added date picker to vital signs form.
- Improved Consultation Report Template.
- Added Pre-diagnosis observations form.
- Cleaned up side bar for consultation window.
- Ajaxified Categorised Diagnosis form.

Version 0.9.11 Build 199
- Cascading dynamic drop down list using AJAX is finally working, thanks to delegate.
- Prescription form is now speedier.

Version 0.9.11 Build 198
- Added retrieval of drug knowledgebase and allergic reactions via AJAX in prescription form.
- Added date picker to Consultation Progress, Imaging Result forms.

Version 0.9.11 Build 197
- Added back form validation of dose form to prescription forms.
- Added AJAX retrieval of more medication history in Overview Sheet.
- Rearranged medical history in Overview Sheet.

Version 0.9.11 Build 196
- Fixed error made in previous commit.

Version 0.9.11 Build 195
- Added htmlspecialchars to retrieval of diagnosis and prescription data for XML export.

Version 0.9.11 Build 194
- Fixed bug for export immunisation history.
- Fixed form validation bug for immunisation history.

Version 0.9.11 Build 193
- AJAX for Overview Sheet to display more immunisation history is now working.

Version 0.9.11 Build 192
- Disable post partum care if no delivery.
- Minor tweaks to Overview Sheet, lab results, select immunisation

Version 0.9.11 Build 191
- Switched select report parameters with report template info.
- Corrected regression to Immunisation history/prescription caused by AJAXification.

Version 0.9.11 Build 190
- AJAXified
- Changed part of prescribing process to utilise AJAX - Trade names. Knowledgebase retrieval not updated.
- Allow user to retrieve all immunisation history on Individual Overview Sheet.

Version 0.9.11 Build 189
- Fixed bugs in Referral System
- Added ad hoc and with PO to drug supplier invoices

Version 0.9.11 Build 188
- Moved History of Antenatal Checkups from GEM to THIRRA for PH RHU
- Added Immunisations Done to Report Template
- Added List of Open Consultations on Dashboard
- Rearranged layout for Patient Overview Sheet, placing list of past consultations at the top
- Added Last Antenatal Checkup to Patient Overview Sheet

Version 0.9.11 Build 187
- Moved Consultation Antenatal Checkups from GEM to THIRRA for PH RHU

Version 0.9.11 Build 186
- Added tracking of offline mode editing of patient demographic information, antenatal information and and antenatal checkup

Version 0.9.11 Build 185
- Added Graph of Pregnancy to Antenatal Checkups
- Started moving Antenatal Checkups from GEM to THIRRA.

Version 0.9.10 Build 184
- New Antenatal Checkup forms will show link if no vital signs exist.
- Added tracking changes to patient demographic information and antenatal information, while in offline mode.
- Added List of Open Sessions in Data Synchronisation
- Added List of Synch Activity Logs
- Added warning of prior imports of the same XML file
- Cleaned up system feedback for import activities
- Allowed user to change Page Size and Page Orientation of Custom Report Templates for PDF output

Version 0.9.10 Build 183
- Users can now delete empty open consultation.
- Started work on Drug Supplier Invoice

Version 0.9.10 Build 182
- Cleaned up some minor bugs in Antenatal module
- Improved report template query for antenatal events

Version 0.9.10 Build 182
- Cleaned up antenatal followup forms. Allow editing in consultation only for current consultation.
- Added Postpartum Care
- Allowed user to change status of Antenatal Event

Version 0.9.10 Build 181
- Made server mode in login page more obvious
- Corrected pregnancy duration in various pages
- Removed Gestation based on LMP as it should be a formula

Version 0.9.10 Build 180
- Fixed adding new drug ATC code bug
- Added guestimated current gravida in antenatal consultation

Version 0.9.10 Build 179
- Save antenatal history status according to EDD - open if EDD > current date
- Adding edit imaging results in patient individual records
- Changed colour of cells for drug allergies to red background
- Added Check for drug allergies when prescribing
- Adding unique key to gravida in antenatal table

Version 0.9.10 Build 178
- Minor change to patient_antenatal_delivery table
- Finetuned upload patient portraits.
- Added reset synch flags
- Enhanced antenatal delivery history and antenatal delivery in consultation window.
- Updated import/export antenatal delivery to include new fields
- Added rational check for gestation period in Antenatal Delivery history
- Listed multiple deliveries in Antenatal History
- Enhanced imaging results
- Restricted imaging products ordering by clinic
- Allowed lab packages not ordered to change clinic location

Version 0.9.9 Build 177
- Added upload external files (images) to consultation
- Fixed uploading of patient portraits, regressed due to upgrade of CI to v1.7.3.

Version 0.9.9 Build 176
- Halfway to solving preventing users from creating mulitple sessions simultaneously.

Version 0.9.9 Build 175
- Fixed a bug in importing patient data
- Fixed antenatal_list in report model
- Started removing sidebards from main windows, retaining patient overview and consultation windows

Version 0.9.9 Build 174
- Fixed a bug in editing lab package test
- Biosurveillance - Added print documents links to Case Management pages
- Removed sidebars from main windows

Version 0.9.9 Build 173
- Added data synchronisation for user logins

Version 0.9.9 Build 172
- Added logging of all data synchronisation activites.

Version 0.9.9 Build 171
- Adding logging of data synchronisation activities in progress

Version 0.9.8 Build 170
- Added Edit ATC drug code
- Added filters to GEM modules in consultation by age and sex

Version 0.9.8 Build 169
- Added Add ATC drug code

Version 0.9.8 Build 168
- Fixed add drug formulary and drug codes bugs

Version 0.9.8 Build 167
- Corrected add drug formulary and drug codes bugs

Version 0.9.8 Build 166
- Added import immunisation histories

Version 0.9.8 Build 165
- Finetuned XML exports
- Added referrals to importing of episodes data
- Added import antenatal info, antenatal checkup and antenatal deliveries

Version 0.9.8 Build 164
- Filtering export episodes to closed ones only
- Confining export to XML to logged in clinic only
- Updated all XML export methods to latest schema

Version 0.9.8 Build 163
- Added Export antenatal data to XML

Version 0.9.8 Build 162
- Splitted more models into sections

Version 0.9.8 Build 161
- Added Add/Edit Drug Supplier
- Display lab results form although has no LAB_RESULTS rows
- Adding synch in when importing data
- Corrected links to patient overview sheet in export patients data
- Added synch out when starting new episodes

Version 0.9.8 Build 160
- Added Add Immunisation Drug
- Fixed Fasting and Urgency fields in lab orders
- Added Add Drug Allergy

Version 0.9.8 Build 159
- Modified column weight of PATIENT_ANTENATAL_FOLLOWUP
- Added Add/Edit Immunisation Code

Version 0.9.8 Build 158
- Significant changes to database schema
- Modified lab results to reflect updated schema
- Modified referral centres to reflect updated schema
- Modified rooms to reflect updated schema
- Added breasts examination to Physical Examination
- Adding Add/Edit Immunisation Code

Version 0.9.7 Build 157
- Added Drugs Prescribed query to Report Template
- Added more fields to Report Templates' queries

Version 0.9.7 Build 156
- Fixed adding new lab package tests link bug
- Adding drug products catalogue

Version 0.9.7 Build 155
- Prevented user from deleting lab package tests if lab orders exist for lab package
- Prevented user from changing LOINC class if lab package tests exist
- Fixed last pages of classifications lists in Utilities Section
- Added Immunisation codes list
- Added List of Drug Suppliers

Version 0.9.7 Build 154
- Added Bikram Sambat calendar tool to Antenatal Info and Antenatal Delivery forms
- Added cases count to dashboard of WAP PHI

Version 0.9.7 Build 153
- Added cases count to dashboard of PHI office
- Adding Add/Edit dcode1

Version 0.9.7 Build 152
- Added Add/Edit Complaint Codes

Version 0.9.7 Build 151
- Minor bug fix to end consultation
- Fixed to account for $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] with and without ending slash.

Version 0.9.7 Build 150
- Disabled debug SQL outputs

Version 0.9.7 Build 149
- Minor bug fixes to System User form

Version 0.9.7 Build 148
- Minor bug fixes in data synchronisation views

Version 0.9.7 Build 147
- Added List of Pending Lab Orders to Dashboard
- Added List of Pending Referrals to Patient Section
- Removed hardcoded filepaths for data synching
- Ending ADT when consultation is ended
- Added transaction to ending consultation updates
- Added delete lab order

Version 0.9.7 Build 146
- Distributed Patient Referral System can export XML file, allow manual import of XML file if patient record does not exist.

Version 0.9.7 Build 145
- Fixed import Patient Demographic Info
- Fixed editing Department
- Started Distributed Patient Referral System
- Added Useful Links to Utilities Section

Version 0.9.7 Build 144
- Made lab packages to be confined to one clinic
- Added edit Lab Results inside patient's individual files
- Activated 'reviewed by consultant' flag
- Paginated Closed Lab Results
- Lab order sample date changed to ending consultation date, if backdating the session.

Version 0.9.7 Build 143
- Updated synching clinical episodes. Added imaging orders

Version 0.9.7 Build 142
- Cleaned up Imaging Suppliers and Imaging Orders
- Started using flashdata
- Added List Lab Tests History and List Imaging Orders History

Version 0.9.7 Build 141
- Cleaned up Lab Suppliers catalogue

Version 0.9.7 Build 140
- Cleaned up Lab Suppliers

Version 0.9.7 Build 139
- Upgrade CodeIgniter to version 1.7.3. Manually added PostgreSQL driver patch
- Fixed editing Reasons for Encounter errors

Version 0.9.7 Build 138
- Working Add/Edit District info
- Added All Diagnosis Chapter to Edit Diagnosis by category
- Added Add/Edit Clinic Departments

Version 0.9.7 Build 137
- Tidied patient referral
- Added All Formulary System to Edit Prescription by category
- Posts PRESCRIPT_QUEUE immediately to PATIENT_MEDICATION upon ending consultation
- Closing session will change reading date of vital signs to end date
- Added archive link for prescriptions to Pharmacy Management

Version 0.9.7 Build 136
- Added usage of Drug Codes to prescriptions until Inventory Management is implemented
- Updated printable prescriptions
- Disabled appointments in Queue Management

Version 0.9.7 Build 135
- Added queue cancellation
- Added embedded Bikram Sambat converter for Nepal, to Patient Demographic Info form
- Added Edit Drug Code

Version 0.9.7 Build 134
- Added Drugs ATC list
- Adding Edit Drug Code

Version 0.9.7 Build 133
- Bug fix for diagnosis codes and banner for overview window.

Version 0.9.7 Build 132
- Bug fix for antenatal.
- Adding CLI

Version 0.9.7 Build 131
- Display age in banners
- Enhanced antenatal links

Version 0.9.7 Build 130
- Customisable Reports can export as CSV.
- Added antenatal info to Progress of Consultation.

Version 0.9.7 Build 129
- Updated WAP view links to HTML views
- Disabled sidebar links for new patients and consultations.
- Added estimated age to patient demographic info. It computes birthday as age minus current date.

Version 0.9.7 Build 128
- Update WAP view links for patient records and consultation to use XHTML.
- Updated mpdf to use version 5.0 in thirra/codeigniter/system/libraries/

Version 0.9.7 Build 127
- Added transactions to new user registration, new patient registration, start consultation and new antenatal event.
- Grouped patients queue by department in Dashboard and Queue Management section.

Version 0.9.7 Build 126
- Set patient relationship to Independent or Under Head of Family instead of Head of Family.
- Added jQuery-UI datepicker to edit_antenatal_history.

Version 0.9.7 Build 125
- Added jQuery-UI datepicker to edit_antenatal_info and select_reports.

Version 0.9.7 Build 124
- Added jQuery-UI datepicker to edit_queue, immunisation_history and edit_patient.

Version 0.9.7 Build 123
- Minor update to implement changes made to schema in Build 122.

Version 0.9.7 Build 122
- Added clinic departments, but not implemented in staff section yet.

Version 0.9.7B Build 121
- Corrected adding new antenatal follow-up errors.
- Finetuned antenatal.

Version 0.9.7A Build 120
- Corrected adding new antenatal errors.

Version 0.9.7A Build 119
- Corrected Nepal's inability to edit patient demographic info.
- Disabled links of sidebar when starting new consultation until confirmed by user.
- Display patient portrait in add/edit queue

Version 0.9.7A Build 118
- WIP revamping antenatal.
- Splitted admin-edi controller from admin controller.
- Added drug formulary info in Utilities section.

Version 0.9.7A Build 117
- WIP revamping antenatal.
- Completing consultation removes patient from queue.

Version 0.9.7A Build 116
- WIP revamping antenatal.
- Complete antenatal info and antenatal current.

Version 0.9.7A Build 115
- WIP revamping antenatal.
- No longer need to edit config.php for baseurl()

Version 0.9.6B3 Build 114
- WIP antenatal. Schema yet to change.
- Patient portraits saved to proper application related directories.

Version 0.9.6B2 Build 113
- WIP antenatal.
- Schema yet to change.
- Minor corrections.

Version 0.9.6A5 Build 111
- WIP antenatal.
- Schema yet to change.
- Added referral history to Overview Sheet.

Version 0.9.6B1 Build 111
- WIP antenatal.
- Completed physical examination, drug allergies and social history.
- Added Report Template for Antenatal and Javascript alerts when deleting records and closing consultation.
- Schema yet to change.

Version 0.9.6A4 Build 110
- WIP antenatal, physical examination, drug allergies and social history.
- Schema yet to change.
- Added Family concept.

Version 0.9.6A3 Build 109
- WIP antenatal (can add and edit) , physical examination, drug allergies and social history.
- Added Patient Booklet for Kirtipur Hospital.

Version 0.9.6A2 Build 108
- WIP antenatal (can add and edit) , physical examination, drug allergies and social history.
- Schema yet to change.
- Added unique callback.

Version 0.9.6A1 Build 107
- WIP antenatal, physical examination, drug allergies and social history.
- Schema yet to change.

Version 0.9.5RC4 Build 106
- WIP drug allergies and social history

Version 0.9.5RC3 Build 105
- Deletable presciptions, diagnoses and complaints

Version 0.9.5RC2 Build 104
- Cleaned up Patient Registration Form

Version 0.9.5RC1 Build 103
- Editable System User

Version 0.9.5RC1 Build 102
- Patients searchable by name, NRIC or clinic reference, updated Overview Sheet

Version 0.9.5RC1 Build 101
- Editable Staff Category to complement Access Control Rights

Version 0.9.4RC4 Build 100
- Implemented Access Control List by Sections

Version 0.9.4RC3 Build 99
- Adding Staff Categories Management

Version 0.9.4RC2 Build 98
- Updating States, Complaint Code List, Drug Code List

Version 0.9.4RC1 Build 97
- Updated Biosurveillance to use geographic info for addresses, working paginations for long lists,
added Utilities and Cases Sections to Biosurveillance

Build 096
- Minor updates to BIO

Build 95
- Added placeholder for Reason for Encounter, Image Products

Build 94
- Minor update

Version 0.9.3 Build 93
- Updated WAP views

Build 92
- Sortable Custom Reports, sortable table columns for listings.
- Edit Clinic Info

Build 91
- Editable Clinics Info, Deleteable Reports Columns and Deleteable Patient Immunisation History

Build 90
- Edit Clinics in progress

Build 89
- Improved Custom Report Templates

Build 88
- Added Defining Parameters for Report Generation

Build 87
- Added User Customisable Reports

Build 86
- Working Custom Reports

Build 85
- Minor tidying of admin section

Version 0.9.2 Build 84
- Able to record and close Lab Results and Imaging Results. Print templates for lab results and
imaging results

Build 83
- Added Lists of closed orders and Printing of Prescriptions

Build 82
- End consultations clean up lab and imaging orders

Build 80
- Starting Imaging Supplier section

Build 80
- Confined patients list to current clinic and added List Vital Signs History

Build 79
- Logging logins

Build 78
- Basic date format form validation

Build 77
- Completed Geographical Locations in Utilities Managament and updated Patient Demographic Info to
utilise geographical locations

Build 76
- Able to Add and Edit Villages

Build 75
- Adding Address Villages utility

Build 74
- Able to order lab tests correctly

Build 73
- Insertable Lab Module data and updated WAP pages

Build 72 Version 0.9.1
- Started on Pathology Module

Build 71 Version 0.9.0
- Deployed in Perak

Build 70
- Added ADDR_X and changed ICD-10 to SL requirements

Build 69
- Changed Biosurveillance to use short_title for diagnosis codes

Build 68
- Added Imaging Orders results box for current session

Build 67
- Adding detailed lab results to EHR

Build 66
- Updating demographic info updates PATIENT_CONTACT_INFO

Build 65
- Started trying PanaCI

Build 64
- Updated Case updates for Biosurveillance

Build 63
- Updated WAP version of Biosurveillance

Build 62
- Version 0.8.7 - Fine tuned Biosurveillance with changes to schema, to comply with Form 411

Build 61
- Added Add Vaccination History

Build 60
- Corrected prescribe immunisation

Build 59
- Started adding immunisation to EHR

Build 058
- Further compliance to Biosurveillance forms

Build 57
- Moved maps into svn

Build 56 Version 0.8.6
- Amended BIO_CASE table to comply further with Form 411 and improved integration with maps

Build 55
- Minor update

Build 54
- Integrated THIRRA with Generic Engine for Modules (GEM)

Build 53
- More work on Form 411

Build 52
- Updated edit investigation WAP to use new fields

Build 51
- Version 0.8.5 - Improved BIO_INVESTIGATE to match Form 411

Build 50
- Fixed bio case update errors

Build 49
- Activated PHI Reference No.

Build 48
- Updated wap UI forms

Build 47
- Started Form 411

Build 46
- Corrected Admission Date for Biosurveillance

Build 45
- Biosurveillance - added wards, lab results, age and printable Form 544

Build 44
- Integrated panaCI for charting, one stop flags update in config.php, Javascript for vital signs

Build 43 - Version 0.8.4
- Integrated mpdf library for pdf outputs.

Build 042
- Able to import vital signs, lab orders, diagnosis and prescriptions from Offline Server

Build 40
- Able to import Patient Complaints from Offline Server
- Able to import consultation episodes but no details

Build 39
- Cleaned code result of refactoring to views/ehr directory

Build 38
- Able to import new patients from Offline Servers

Build 37 - Ver. 0.8.3
- Refactored controllers for EHR into sections, working draft patient info synching.

Build 36
- Almost able to import new patient

Build 35
- Able to export Patient Demographic info

Build 34
- Admin Synch Data

Build 33
- Mobile Server aware

Build 32
- Most inserts are offline mode aware

Build 31
- Starting offline devt

Build 30

Build 29
- Form 544

Build 28
- Adopting Sri Lankan forms

Build 27
- Use CSS for WAP

Build 26
- Edit consultation components

Version 0.8 Build 25
- Referrals among partners

Build 24
- Referral Persons

Version 0.7 Build 23
- Referrals

Version 0.6 Build 22
- modified BIO_FILE table

Build 21
- Used bio_file table

Build 20
- Added printing CSS

Build 19
- Updated EHR WAP

Build 18
- Searchable prescriptions

Build 17
- splitted memr.php

Build 1 2009-12-09 16:46:29 +0800 (Wed, 09 Dec 2009)
- Beginning of THIRRA