Home page of Project THIRRA, a PANACeA project. Funded by IDRC.

Project Title:

Portable System for Telehealth and Health Informatics in Rural & Remote Areas

Leader : 1. PCDOM - Jason Tan (Malaysia)
Partner : 2. SRLHT - Dr. Palitha Gunawardena (Sri Lanka)
Partner : 3. HealthNet Nepal - Dr. Mohan Raj Pradhan (Nepal)
Partner : 4. ICDDR,B - Mohd. Farhad Hussain (Bangladesh)
Mentor : Dr. Shariq Khoja

Photo Gallery

These photos are hosted on Google's Picasa.

Bhaktapur, Nepal
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

Work Space

Online Demo
username = demo
password = demo123

Static Online Server -
Mobile Offline Server -
Static Online Server - http://pcdom.dnsalias.net/thirra

Download latest version from Sourceforge - http://thirra.sourceforge.net/
The files for downloads are also available at http://pcdom.dnsalias.net/db/

Wiki -
The printable manuals in PDF format are auto generated in real time by the wiki server.
Change logs

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment Phase is to fine tune the details and requirements of the project.

Needs Assessment Plan - PANACeA-THIRRA-NAPlan-jt080221.doc

Work Breakdown Structure - WorkBreakdownStructure-jt080221.odt

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